Creative Nassau (CN) began broadcasting its weekly Nassau radio show with hosts Pam and Patti (CN President and Vice President respectively) from IslandFM 102.9, compliments of Sir Charles Carter, in March of 2015. In March 2019 we celebrated our FOURTH ANNIVERSARY!! The show airs every TUESDAY from 7 - 7.30 pm, is re-broadcast on Sunday from 5-5.30pm, and can be listened to online at these times on The CN Radio Show is now proudly hosted by Mr Lawrence Bascom, Manager of On The Run Bayshore and On The Run Winton service stations. The radio shows will be posted on this page for your listening enjoyment and we welcome your constructive comments and suggestions!


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We are always happy to have as our guest on CN Radio, the talented Alistair Stevenson, a Bahamian artist continuing his studies for a Master’s Degree in Sculpture in Beijing, China, who has just opened a new Exhibition of his ceramic works at Doongalik until August 13. He will be talking about the Exhibition “Material Beauty” as well as his many exciting opportunities in Asia. Alistair is Creative Nassau’s official representative there, and he has represented us as the curator and host at two City of Nassau ceramic pavilions at the world famous International Ceramic Shows in Jingdezhen, China (where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Ceramics) as well as at the Crafts and Folk Art Cluster meeting in Icheon, South Korea. Plans to represent the City of Nassau in China and Japan are upcoming! Thank you Alistair!

We were happy to have as our guest, Niambi Dean to talk about the second exciting King of the Conch Festival on Sunday, August 4 to be held on Montague Beach foreshore!

The UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting was held this year in Fabriano Italy under the theme ‘The Ideal City’. Pam was honoured to represent the City of Nassau there, graciously accompanied by the Minister of Tourism and Aviation, the Honourable Dionisio D’Aguilar who made a presentation to the assembly (which consisted of over 400 delegates representing the 180 cities of the Network) about our City, Nassau.

Pam also made a presentation at the Meeting about the Transforming Spaces ‘Dream Wall of Respect Mural Project’ in Lewis Street, and Nassau displayed samples of our Crafts and Folk Art in the form of a beautiful sisal bag by Beverly Taylor of Harl Taylor BAG, along with a Junkanoo sculpture by Kevin & Vanessa Knowles of Jujukanoo!

The July 23 edition of the Radio Show highlighted the trip and how much we have to be proud of as members of this prestigious organization!


Pam was so happy to be back at the microphone after traveling to the XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Conference in Fabriano, Italy in June (lots more information about this fascinating trip 'comin soon tereckly'!) Special thanks to Patti and Neko for 'holding the fort'!

On this Creative Nassau Radio Tuesday, July 9, there was another special treat for our listeners - a glowing example of what is possible when creativity and collaboration is at play! Those of you born in the 1950s and 60s should well remember the Dance Icon, Shirley Hall-Bass, who although a native of Chicago was considered a 'true true' Bahamian, having positively impacted the lives of thousands of Bahamians throughout her career with continuous dance programmes and cultural exchanges with the Sammy Dyer Theatre in Chicago!

Patti and Pam speak with her grand niece, Cristin Carole and filmmaker, Jenai Cutcher who were in Nassau gathering information for the Chicago Dance History project and Shirley's amazing contribution to nurturing this love of dance throughout our archipelago over the decades! We were so excited to be able to talk with them and discuss, discover and share the many stories of what took place over Shirley's many years in The Bahamas!

If you were a student of Shirley's - whether through the Chicago/Nassau Cultural Exchange, The Bahamas Dance Theatre, the Ms Bahamas Beauty Pageant, the Government High School, the Independence cultural concerts - please contact Jenai at to share your story, photos, memorabilia.... whatever - to keep Shirley's memory and legacy alive for the future!

Pam was proud to have been a member of Shirley's first student dance class in 1967 which started in the Oakes Field hanger. Her tutelage held her in very good stead and was passed down to her own children - they are all lovers of dance, theatre, drama, and musicals as a result! Doongalik celebrated Shirley's life in their 2011 'Spirit of The Dance" Exhibition that was curated by Shirley’s student and Pam’s daughter, Orchid Burnside. If you did not see it you missed a rare treat!

This is how the ARTS shape and develop a people and a country. This is why ART, CULTURE AND HERITAGE ARE CRUCIAL COMPONENTS OF DEVELOPMENT and why they are an integral part of what will make our country grow and survive......LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, AND SUPPORT THE ARTS PEOPLE!!

CN Radio with Carol and Jenai July 9, 2019.jpg

As we prepare for the Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day on Friday, June 7, Pam and Patti have as their guest in this two part series, Sir Randol’s daughter, Rosalie Fawkes, who will be talking about her father’s legacy as the founder of the Labour Movement in The Bahamas and what it means today! We wish everyone a safe and happy Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day holiday this year!

Pam and Patti speak with Librarian Penelope Nottage about her annual birthday related event “Young Artists of The Bahamas” which is held at Doongalik Studios and showcases the artwork of young artists from around the Bahamas for sale, allowing them exposure and opportunity! It is welcoming to know that private citizens are looking our for and encouraging the talents of our youth!

Young entrepreneur, Brandon Kemp was Pam and Patti’s guest on May 14 to talk about his novel event ‘Nassau Night Markets’ which happen every Saturday on Market Slope off Bay Street by the Nassau Straw Market. Creative foods, drinks, music and artisans participate for a fun evening out! Let’s support!!

CN Radio May 14 with Brandon Kemp.jpg

The Theatre Season in Nassau has been extended, and on this final show for the month of April, Pam and Patti have at their guest Patrice Francis and Nicolette Archer to talk about their new production at the Philip A. Burrows Theatre entitled “Untitled” which discusses mental health - a timely topic for community introspection!

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Pam and Patti have a conversation with entrepreneurs Youlette and Rob of The Coconut Factory here in Nassau located on Bay Street, just before Victoria Avenue. Their story is an exciting journey that examines what entrepreneurship and creativity is all about!

CN Radio with Youlette.jpg

The 15th annual Transforming Spaces 2019 Art Bus Tour is gearing up for its April launch, and Patti and Pam preface this event by discussing some historical happenings that took place in the country and the region to show how the past shapes the future and how the Arts place such an important role and shaping our sustainability - TS2019’s theme. They revisit this topic several times during the month! Find out more at website and facebook pages!

TS2019 .jpg


Creative Nassau holds dear its many ‘True True’ partners who make positive things happen for our country and our creatives by working together ‘for the greater good’. Suzanne Pattusch of the Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association and Local Sourcing Group is one such special lady and it was a pleasure to be a part of this year’s 4th annual Tru Tru Festival and to invite her to be our guest on CN Radio . The two attached radio programmes talk about this exciting Bahamian event that promotes and celebrates our country’s rich culture and heritage!


Visiting Bahamian/Trinidadian Rhodes Scholar, professor and poet, Christian Campbell, joined Patti and Pam to talk about all things cultural and Bahamian!

CN RAdio with Christian Campbell.jpg


CN Radio began 2019 with our guest, Joan Albury of The Counsellors Limited - the creator of the famed Bahamas Business Outlook Conferences which take place throughout the islands of The Bahamas during the year. Creative Nassau Radio hosts, Pam Burnside and Patti Glinton-Meicholas were privileged to be presenters at BBO 2014!

CN Radio with Joan BBO.jpg


December began with guest author, Felicity Johnson, who wrote an autobiography of her father’s life as a WW2 RAF decorated veteran and Bahamian hero entitled “The Black Prince of Grant’s Town'“

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CN Radio guests, Master Artist Max Taylor and Sue Katz joined us in November to talk about the first ever Bahamian Print Exhib ition on display at Doongalik Studios over the holidays!


Creative Nassau is pleased to be able to have as guests on this Radio Show, Shelagh Prtichard (standing) and Mitzi Burrows (seated left) of the LEND A HAND BAHAMAS Community Programme that opens its newly refurbished Community Center at the late Neville and Nora Dorsette in Lewis Street, off East Street, Nassau on Saturday, October 20. This is the beginning of a thriving project which will positively impact persons in the Over-The-Hill area of Grants and Bain Towns. Congratulations to the LAHB Team for making this a reality, and Creative Nassau is happy and proud to partner with them!


The Inaugural SeaWords Bahamas Literary Festival held November 9-11, 2018 was a project of Creative Nassau and was a huge success. CN Radio fittingly spent several segments to discuss the Festival in detail as attached below! Join SeaWords Bahamas once again in 2020!



CN Radio was pleased to invited Davinia Blair of the Small Business Development Center’s Access Accelerator programme, a partnership between the University of The Bahamas, the Ministry of Financial Services and The Chamber of Commerce and Employers Federation. which is providing unprecedented resources to boost this sector of the country’s development, and as such is another essential partner in Creative Nassau’s mission to promote and celebrate Bahamian art, culture and heritage from the inside out’.



Pam and Patti welcome back multi-talented guest, Antoine Thompson, aka the rapper 'Puzzle' - to talk about the latest developments with his character "Percy the Potcake" who is getting ready to launch his first YouTube video series on his online site under the same name on Saturday, September 1. The educational series will be geared to children (and adults!) exposing them to the many cultural and historical treasures to be found in our wonderful country! 'Potcake' is the name of the country's indigenous dog breed and the nonmenclature has now been approved as an official Bahamian breed! Go Percy!

Check out the video at 



CN Radio was extremely pleased and proud to welcome back guest Alistair Stevenson who has just completed his studies towards a Bachelors Degree in Ceramics in Jingdezhen, China - one of our sister UCCN Cities of Crafts and Folk Arts - and is preparing for a new journey towards his Masters Degree at Beijing University. Alistair is also Creative Nassau's official representative and  correspondent for Asia. Congratulations Alistair and best wishes for your future studies!

CN Radio with Alistair Aug 2018.jpg


As a former Colony, The Bahamas celebrates Emancipation Day on August Monday  - the first Monday in August - as a public holiday. On Tuesday, August 7, the day after August Monday, Patti and her co-host, Neko, talk about what Emancipation means to them and its significance for the country moving forward.

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A warm welcome to our 'Believe in Best' guests shown here with their Communications Head, Gravette Brown (seated left)! Standing left to right are Corrie Seymour, Nekia Brice and Kendrick Delaney, talented team members of the brand new ALIV Discover APP which  provides a authentic digital tour of Nassau's historical and cultural treasures!! Download it for free at Discover Maps!

CN Radio with ALIV team.JPG


Patti and Pam discuss Pre-Independence wishes as we prepare to celebrate our 45th Independence Anniversary - and how Bahamian Art, Culture and Heritage can positively affect the country's development! Happy 45th Birthday Bahamas!

Patti and Pam talk about the upcoming SeaWords Bahamas ALIV Literary Festival as well as the importance of the "Orange Economy" to grow the country!

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We welcomed guest and activist Terneille Burrows to talk about the power of the Creative Industries and ideas for its development in The Bahamas.

CN Radio June 12, 2018 with Terneill Burrows.JPG


CN Radio guest, Sean McWeeney, QC, joined Pam and Patti to talk about his interesting book 'Breaching the Gates: The Bahamian Free Coloured and The Struggle for Civil Rights 1802-1834' - an in-depth look at this part of our history inspired by the life of Bahamian Stephen Dillet, the grandfather of James Weldon Johnson!

Sean McWeeney.JPG


CN Radio welcomed Keisha Oliver, Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator in the Visual Art Department at the University of The Bahamas to talk about an exciting new Summer Arts Programme for High School Seniors in July, thanks to the kind donation of the Charitable Arts Foundation, the D'Aguilar Art Foundation, Atlantis Resort, and Transforming Spaces.


CN Radio was very proud and excited to welcome our very own Courtney Celeste Spears, professional dancer, as our guest on two radio interviews to talk about the 2nd annual ArtSea Dance Workshop which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20 from 8am-5pm here in Nassau - a phenomenal opportunity for persons interested in dance, and also about her own personal journey as a professional dancer!! Check the website and facebook pages  for more information on the ArtSea programme!!


CN Radio was very pleased to welcome as our guest, Bahamian filmmaker and entrepreneur Travon Patton who is also one of our creative partners, having kindly live streamed our Orange Economy webinar last year!



CN Radio welcomed to the airwaves on March 27, 2018 - Bahamian teacher, Kelley Benjamin-Bonimy, all the way from Singapore where she works at an International School, to talk about her experiences and her new children's book "Lockie and Lakshmi" which she co-authored with Dr Sheela Warrier. It is available for sale at Smith & Benjamin Publishers, Airport Industrial Park, Tel: (242) 377-0241 Website: 

Kelley with her new book, poses with Patti following the Radio interview at Island FM 102.9

Kelley with her new book, poses with Patti following the Radio interview at Island FM 102.9


Creative Nassau Radio is passionate about Education and the importance of READING in this process. We were happy to welcome as our guest for two broadcasts on March 13 and 20, Laurenne MacDonald who leads the Volunteer Reading Programme in public schools (find out more on her facebook page "Laurenne Helene").



Another milestone for Creative Nassau was the Launch in February of the first ever Bahamian Orange Economy/Creative Industry online survey under the auspices of Mr Dennis Deveaux of KPMG who will be collecting data to inform the depth of the country's Creative Economy as a result of last year's Orange Economy webinar at the Central Bank of The Bahamas. Listen in to this informative session with Mr Deveaux on Island FM 102.9 as he interviews with hosts Patti and Neko!

CN Radio with Dennis Deveaux Feb 2018.jpg


The year has gotten off to a magnificent start, with CN signing a momentous Memorandum of Understanding with the Forestry Unit of the Ministry of the Environment and Housing to further the productive partnership between these entities for the mapping, research, protection and sustainability of the country's important forestry resources, particularly the native straw palms and other foliage used in the country's unique straw craft industry! This episode speaks with Forest Officer,  Danielle Hanek Culmer about these exciting plans!

Danielle Hanek Culmer Feb 13, 2018.JPG


CN Radio was very happy to welcome back to the airwaves,  our supportive Sponsor, Mr Lawrence Bascom, to get an update on his plans for 2018 and to speak about one of his favourite subjects - 'Education'. Mr Bascom was also the Luncheon Speaker on this topic at this year's Bahamas Business Outlook which CN attended to show support!

Patti and Pam in the Island FM 102.9FM Radio recording room ready for 2018!

Patti and Pam in the Island FM 102.9FM Radio recording room ready for 2018!


This show's guest, Antoine Thompson is a multi-talented Bahamian: he is a rap artist who has been warmly embraced and made famous by the Hawaiian population, a music producer, an entrepreneur - formerly of the Valley Boys junkanoo group - who has produced a series of beautiful Bahamian inspired jigsaw puzzles, AND he is also the creator of the Bahamian character "Percy the Potcake" - available in colouring book form, soon-to-be published book, and also in production for a children's television series!! Wow....all of this talent in one individual - listen in to learn more!

Cn Radio with Antoine Thompson.JPG
CN Radio with Ed Fields.jpg

Radio guest Mary Ann Jones (standing) speaks with Patti and Pam about the trip she and Pam recently made to UCCN sister city Paducah, Kentucky (a City made famous for its Quilting tradition) to attend the first ever Crafts and Folk Arts Cluster Conference. See more information and photos about the trip in the "News" Section!

CN Radio with Mary Ann Oct 2017.jpg

Host, Patti (right) welcomed the newly crowned Miss World Bahamas, Geena Thompson (2nd right) shown next to Island FM owner, Sir Charles Carter, along with the President of the Miss Bahamas Organization, Michelle Malcolm (left) who talked about the local pageant, her 'Beauty with a Purpose' platform and the upcoming International Competition which takes place in China in a few months!

The following CN Radio Show is a 'Double Feature' in two segments: The first segment is a conversation about The Bahamian Project Exhibition with photographers, our own Rosemary C. Hanna, and Guilden Gilbert. This portrait exhibition opens Thursday, July 6 at the Central Bank of The Bahamas and is a part of the country's 44th Anniversary of Independence celebrations!

In the second segment we welcome back Fr Shazz Turnquest from the St John's College Solar Car Challenge whom we interviewed with his team of students in December 2016 - the Green Lightning solar car is complete and has been shipped to the U.S., and team is reading their travel to Dallas, Texas on July 14 to take part in the Challenge - check out their journey to date on Creative Nassau wishes the Green Lightning Team all the very best!

Pam and Patti talk about Creativity in recent events taking place in the country, and how these areas affects Development & Tourism, as well as Creative events taking place in Literature, Drama and Dance.

CN Radio's host, Patti. was thrilled to continue the discussion on Education by welcoming back our sponsor, Lawrence Bascom, who spoke about his presentation at a recent University of The Bahamas' Education Conference held in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Bascom is a proponent of the Charter School programme and CN applauds his vision. Listen in and lend your support - our country's future depends on getting our Educational component right!

Photo courtesy of P. Neko Meicholas

Photo courtesy of P. Neko Meicholas

The Art of Photography was the topic of the February 21 Radio broadcast when Patti and Pam spoke with special guests, photographers Guilden Gilbert (standing left) and Rashad Penn (standing right) who recently designed a Basic Introductory Course to Photography as a part of a Continuing Education Course at Queen's College. The two photographers are also members of The Bahamian Project founded by Duke Wells to develop photographs of ordinary people in the Bahamian Society with the hopes of forming a National Portrait Gallery in the future.

The Bahamian shoe designers explosion continued, as Patti and Pam interviewed guests Marvin Storr (2nd left) and Michael Fountain on February 14 - the radio broadcast is below! Marvin, along with his wife Lynette, are the founders of the amazing ILAND brand of STRAW SNEAKERS (see photos below) that are all the rage in The Bahamas and abroad! You can contact Marvin at or 242.454.4856! We are so very proud of these talented entrepreneurs, and through them we see the success of the Creative Nassau vision of "celebrating and promoting Bahamian Art, Culture and Heritage from the inside out" as we also work to fulfill the Doongalik Studios' mission that "by the year 2020 more persons will come to The Bahamas for our Art, Culture and Heritage, than merely for our sun, sand, and sea!"

CN Radio hosts Pam and Patti welcomed guest Allan Murray on February 7 to talk about his published Bahamian history books, Bahamian History Highlights and  The Colourful History of The Bahamas (which is available at Doongalik Studios), as well as his newly produced power point presentation for the benefit of schools, organizations or civil society groups who would like to learn more about Bahamian Majority Rule Day, the golden anniversary of which was celebrated in January! Contact Allan at for further information! Listen to the radio interview on the link below!

CN Radio was privileged to have as their guests: Talented Bahamian creatives, Keesha Pratt and Dandreia Bethel. Listen in to their discussion with Pam and Patti on Tuesday, January 17, 2017!

From left to right in the Island FM 102.9 recording Studio: Straw shoe designer Keesha Pratt, shoe designer Dandreia Bethel, Patti and Pam

From left to right in the Island FM 102.9 recording Studio: Straw shoe designer Keesha Pratt, shoe designer Dandreia Bethel, Patti and Pam

Pam with St John's College Physics Teacher, Fr Shazz Turnquest, and his students: Dwayna Archer Grade 11, Head Boy and Team Leader Justyn Sweeting, Richard Hanna Grade 12 and Patti

Pam with St John's College Physics Teacher, Fr Shazz Turnquest, and his students: Dwayna Archer Grade 11, Head Boy and Team Leader Justyn Sweeting, Richard Hanna Grade 12 and Patti

CN Mayor, Mr Gevon Moss, of the Downtown Nassau Partnership joins Patti and Pam on the CN Radio Show to talk about their visit to Sweden for the Xth Annual UCCN Meeting.

CN Mayor, Mr Gevon Moss, of the Downtown Nassau Partnership joins Patti and Pam on the CN Radio Show to talk about their visit to Sweden for the Xth Annual UCCN Meeting.