The public is invited to support this event to assist with Mr Rolle's educational fund

The public is invited to support this event to assist with Mr Rolle's educational fund

On Sunday July 20, 2014, Club Land'or, Paradise Island, will lend itself to the fashion community as the venue for “Resort 2014  Runway Showcase”, a partnership between Forever Harl Taylor Ltd. & House of Raphelita featuring the latest collections in men's / women's wear, and handbags.  

Founder and CEO of House of Raphelita, David D. Rolle has joined Forever Harl Taylor Ltd as its new Creative Director
where he continues to diversify the brand as intended by the impeccable Harl Taylor. As a visual communicator, Rolle's displays are praised for being both captivating and ingenious. Since his appointment in 2013, he has merged his creative juices to collaborate in producing unforgettable collections to both domestic and international audiences.

The Forever Harl Taylor Ltd. Team is pleased to embrace this endeavor that supports such a multi-talented Bahamian in his quest to enhance his God-given knowledge, understanding and skills.   Rolle is optimistic that the partnership with Harl Taylor BAG will continuously strengthen as he educates, exposes and elevates himself to greater heights within both the local and international fashion sphere.

In an effort to compete globally, Rolle recognizes the importance of a higher education, which is the rationale for “Resort 2014", as it is an educational fundraiser which will assist this young Bahamian Artist to fulfill his dream of pursuing a degree in Fashion Design in Milan, Italy in 2015.

Tickets for “Resort 2014 Showcase” are currently on sale at Commonwealth Fabrics, Quality Fabrics  and Executive Printers.  Patrons of this event can expect an exciting, entertaining, and creative showcase for an most worthy cause. The cocktail reception begins at 6:30 pm and show-time 7:30 pm.