Creative Nassau is proud to announce that Dr Davidson L. Hepburn, one of its founding members, will be launching his second book, a memoir entitled "Terribly Well" at 6pm on Friday, February 6 at the St Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk on Princes Street in Nassau. The book chronicles his life's journey from his childhood in Cat Island to his rise as a Bahamian Ambassador at the United Nations to his role as President of the 35th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO in his later years.

The following week, another CN Founding Member and Bahamian literary giant, Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, will be making a presentation on the theme: “Victorious People: Making Long Island a Model for Family Island Development.”  at the North Long Island High School beginning at 5.30pm on Friday, February 13 as the special guest speaker for the 2015 Yuma Island Festival.

Glinton-Meicholas states, “Long Island has the potential, in terms of its inheritance and its people, to achieve a satisfying measure of economic independence and societal tranquility and to provide other islands with a blueprint to achieve the same.” Glinton-Meicholas will share her views on some of the elements, which must be harnessed to achieve that end. She is adamant that one must “choose the term ‘Victorious People’ because we must envision victory right from the start. It must become the mantra for even the smallest child. Above all, all that is envisioned and achieved must be people-centered or what emerges won’t be sustainable.”

Long Island is historically regarded as one of the most respected islands for the production of exquisitely made Bahamian made straw products.