The past week has provided the opportunity for Creative Nassau to be broadcast over the radio airwaves! On  Thursday, May 12 CN President Pam Burnside was a guest of Ed Fields Live talking about "Cultural Protectionism":  

Some would argue that The Bahamas is losing its identity because it does not adequately protect its heritage; its culture. While others would counter by saying it is insular to lock out other influences and that both the old and the new can co-exist.

There is no fiercer warrior than Pam Burnside when it comes to cultural authenticism. On Thursday, Rogan Smith and me find out exactly what that means. Does it allow for us to progress culturally or does it stunt our growth if rigidly adhered to.

whilst Vice President, Patricia Glinton-Meicholas was one of the guests of international broadcaster, Peter Greenberg on Friday, May 13 as he broadcast from Atlantis on Paradise Island.

The following is with kind courtesy from Mr Greenberg's facebook post of that date: 

The Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts this week from the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Joining me will be USA TODAY's Gene Sloan on the boom in cruising to Cuba and what it means for other Caribbean cruise destinations. Michael Becker, CEO of GeoSure Global, will discuss the importance of situational and cultural awareness when you travel, and which regions of the world need your undivided attention. Tazia Rutherford, Atlantis' Associate Director of Marine Mammal Operations, talks about the daily challenges of maintaining a habitat that protects all of the resort's marine life and how guests get to interact. Pepin Argamasilla, who runs John Watling's Distillery, Ltd., will discuss the history of rum, and rum running, and how visitors to the Bahamas may be drinking less, but drinking better. Want to know what the purchase of Virgin America by Alaska Air means to you? Scott McCartney, travel editor for The Wall Street Journal, has a few thoughts. Then, stories from Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, Bahamian Author of An Evening in Guanima: A Treasury of Folktales from The Bahamas. Alana Rodgers, one of the founders of Hands For Hunger, discusses ways travelers can get involved with their important and essential work every time they visit the Bahamas. Last, but not least, David Singleton, author of the book Crush, talks about how a crush can inspire travel and how that crush leads to many other discoveries around the world. There's all that and more when Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Then on Wednesday, May 18 both Pam and Patti were guests on Island FM 102.9's "Morning Boil" radio show hosted by Eddie and Sannie discussing all manner of things Bahamian!

It has been a busy, and a definitely PR-productive week!